A quick google search for “Fertility Herb” yields a ton of recommendations aimed at anyone looking to improve their chances of conceiving naturally. But, because there isn’t just one cause of infertility, there shouldn’t really be blanket recommendations that apply to anyone and everyone. In fact, there could even be some negative effects of taking, seemingly harmless, over-the-counter herbs and/or supplements. To find out more, I sat down with Noah Rubinstein, Yinova’s chief clinic director.

Is there an herb that is especially great for promoting fertility?

Actually, there isn’t just one herb that promotes fertility. There are many that can be helpful but it’s important to keep in mind that what might be helpful for one patient could actually cause harm to another.

Could you elaborate on that?

Because there isn’t just one cause of infertility, there also isn’t just one herb to solve it. Furthermore, let’s say two patients come in who are both trying to conceive and who both have Amenorrhea – it’s likely that we might not even prescribe them the same herbs as the cause of amenorrhea could differ from person to person.

That must be important especially for people going through an assisted reproductive technique…

It’s important to know for anyone trying to conceive, I think! But yes, there is an extra consideration if you’re going through ART.

Herbs can interact with medications and while this is typically not a problem, we want to be sure your Reproductive Endocrinologist is clear about how they are monitoring you while you are going through stimulation cycles.

Here at Yinova, we typically don’t prescribe patients going during this time for that very reason. Instead, we support them with acupuncture and resume herbal care afterward.

Can someone trying to conceive get help from herbs alone, or should they come in for acupuncture?

Chinese herbal formulas are an important part of what we do here at Yinova because they act as the building blocks that support your healing. Herbs can build blood, clear out mucus and help create changes internally, both physiologically or hormonally. We offer herbal consults, actually, for people who would like to try Chinese medicine but don’t want to have acupuncture.

Are there other approaches people can take when trying to conceive?

Massage can work wonders, and our bodywork team just so happens to be really talented. They’ve been working hand-in-hand with Jill Blakeway to create fertility massage support that incorporates abdominal work and is much more tailored to the entire fertility journey (with varying stages from trying to conceive to postnatal.) It brings together Jill’s methods for enhancing fertility from both her clinical experience and her book, Making Babies, as well as the expertise that the Yinova bodywork team has behind them.

Are there any supplements or herbs out there that are safe for anyone trying to conceive to take?

Honestly, it really is safest to get some guidance from a board-certified herbalist on this.

If you would like guidance specifically on what herbs or supplements could be beneficial to you, we do offer stand alone herbal consultations, without acupuncture. (though, if you come in for acupuncture, you’ll receive the same herbal advice!)

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