The evening of Tuesday, April 7th will boast the most resplendent Full Moon of the year. We’re here to reveal all you need to know about what this beautiful moon will bring and how you can best take care of your physical and energetic bodies in preparation for this exquisite lunar event.

Facts & Figures

Today’s moon is certainly not one to miss! Not only will this be the first Full Moon of the springtime season and the Paschal Full Moon (the moon that dictates the date of Easter), but it is a perigean full moon–or colloquially, a supermoon. That is, this moon will be at the point in its orbit when it is nearest Earth–nearly 30,000 km closer to Earth than average. When it is 100 percent illuminated at 10:35 pm EDT, it will shine as the largest and brightest Full Moon of 2020. And, while the naked eye might not be able to discern its greater magnificence, on a metaphysical level, this moon’s influence will most definitely be felt.

This April moon is also known as the Pink Moon, though despite what its name suggests, it will shine not a mystical pink but a beautiful bright white. Why then is it known as the Pink Moon? According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, historically April’s Full Moon corresponded with the blossoming of a certain early springtime flower native to eastern North America called Phlox subulata–or more commonly, creeping phlox or moss pink. Thanks to its seasonal association with this rosy wildflower it was long ago dubbed the Pink Moon, and this florid name remains today.

Astrologically Speaking

This Pink Supermoon is the Libra Full Moon, and it, therefore, promises love, peace, and serenity. Heightened emotions, romance, and epiphanies are among the themes that this moon will put a spotlight on. Moreover, since Libra rules balance and partnerships, a certain spirit of cooperation will be in the air. How beautiful is a time where the world over we are all being called to unite in the name of global health.

Full Moon Ritual

Full moons–and especially supermoons like this one–are thought to be deeply nourishing. When the moon is full, it is receiving all the light of the sun and reflecting that brilliant energy back onto us. The Full Moon’s gravitational influence is greatest, too, so this time offers immense creative energy and powerful intuitive breakthroughs.

In her peak, the moon encourages embodiment, a time for reflection, and a time for acknowledging gratitude for all the abundance in your life as it is, right now.

The eve of April 7th marks a perfect time to create space and consider all that has come into your life in the past few weeks, and also all that you still want to call in. The night of the Pink Moon offers a moment both for pause and for buoyant celebration. Below is a suggested ritual you can practice to bathe in this most spectacular lunar moment of 2020.

Create a calm space

Light a candle, your favorite incense, maybe burn some white sage. Put on some gentle music. Focus on slowing your breath, soften your gaze, and take a moment to reflect on what the past few weeks have been like for you.

Write it out

Grab your journal and a pen, or maybe your phone for a little voice memo. Reflect and allow the words to flow. In the past few weeks, how have you been? What have been your successes? In what areas of your life have you been facing challenges? What opportunities do you envision for personal growth and expansion during this time?

Release & Declare

Once you’ve gained a little clarity, it is time to release all of the energy that has been blocking your desires from coming into completion thus far. Feel free to write these blockages on a separate piece of paper that you can then tear to shreds, or perhaps burn in a safe vessel–whatever feels best for you.

Bathe in the moonlight

If you can, get outside (or maybe stand by your window these days!) and bask in the moonlight. Just as sunlight supports our bodies with vitamin D, moonlight is thought to reduce inflammation and support menstrual cycle regulation. Take in the Pink Supermoon’s glorious beauty.

Pink and white flowers

Dance as if no one is watching

Definitely optional but highly encouraged, put on your favorite song and take a moment to dance in celebration of your dreams–both those that have arrived and those that have yet to come. Move any stagnant energy that has crept into your body and make space for more lightness, joy, and abundance.

Then bid the Pink Moon a goodnight, lay down to rest, and have sweet dreams.

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