Sleepless nights that turn into days filled with exhaustion, on repeat: newborn babies who cry nonstop and can’t seemed to be soothed is a such a difficult and frustrating thing to endure, especially if your baby is otherwise healthy.

According to this study, if your baby is crying more than three hours a day on three or more days of the week then there is a chance that they may have colic, a relatively common ailment in newborns.

When it comes to colic, and actually many common pediatric ailments, acupuncture can be extremely beneficial. For over 3,500 years, pediatrics has been a part of Chinese medicine with it’s own specific practice catered to babies and children. Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, cupping, gua sha, and dietary therapy, have all been a crucial part of pediatric treatment and for good reason.

Acupuncture can help to calm your baby, alleviate pain, and regulate their digestive function as well as strengthening their overall Qi, which allows for an easier digestive process and metabolism.

In a recent medical study in Sweden, it was shown that infantile colic was dramatically reduced for babies who had acupuncture treatments. Further more, this study confirmed that treatments twice a week is what made all the difference.

Do babies like Acupuncture? Does it hurt them?

Yes, they do and no, it doesn’t!

My youngest, Ari, when he was a baby.

Babies usually don’t even feel the needles. When treating young children and infants, we use tiny needles and we do not leave the needles in for more than a few minutes. In some cases, if they are under 1 year of age, we use more of an “in and out” technique. We also have e-stim machines here at YinOva, that do not pierce the skin and are used to stimulate the acupuncture points.

Personally, my children who are now 4 and 6 years old ask me for acupuncture regularly since they started getting treatments when they were 2 weeks old.

Safe, non-invasive, natural and effective. Infant acupuncture for the win!

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